Hooray for the election year.

It is here and I can feel the excitement rushing in one end and gushing out the other.

Folks all over this great land of ours are getting antsy waiting to grab their front-row seats at this once every 4-year gala.

Media has brought out the marching band for practice with brand new drums and percussion section in tow along with patriotic cheerleaders, balloons, candy and all.

Pollsters are burning the midnight oil steering our opinions in proper direction.
And just for our  "Loyal Voters" pleasure, political analysts are out of their bubble bath, powdering their noses ready to dress up, grab the camera and pass on the "hot gases" they have been accumulating over the last 4 years.

It is time to, once again, seize the moment, flex our muscles and get out there and play the game of "democracy" with gusto and blind devotion to our comforting illusion that we do make a "difference".

So here we are with another unparalleled  "Freedom to choose" opportunity. This time between, reformists' candidate, "Mr. Gore" and hardliners', "Mr. Bush".

Yes, the unique opportunity to choose who will be our shepherd watching over us grazing these beautiful, boundless, rich and entertaining pastures of America.
Come this November, again, we will have less than half of the "enthusiastic" voting population storm the voting booths to select one of the two that has already been selected.

Then we can go back to our beds that night, feeling good about ourselves that we have strengthened the pillars of "Democracy" by resounding its most "powerful" voice, our "votes".

It is nice to have choices!
And when the other day I woke up and notice the "Hardliners" selection for our future VP, the glass did not look half empty. Unlike most "Reformists" out there, I took pride and comfort in Bush's choice.

Although I was saddened to find out that Quayle didn't make it, we sure could use a VP having war experience with a spellchecker under his belt.

Now I can't wait to see who is going to be Gore's date for the prom.

At least this time, we are not knowingly going to the booth to choose the lesser of the two evils like we have been doing in the past.

This time we are going in with the feeling that everything will get even better no matter who gets into the White House. But how can it? 

Isn't this "As good as it gets"?
Can portfolios get any fatter?
Can I count on trading in this old honker 2000 BMW for the SUV model after the election?

I don't know. It looks scary out there!
What do YOU say, Mr. Greenspan?