Last UPDATE : 04 mai 2003

If you think well, you'll see that, in our short life, there are not many reasons not to be honest.
At least, I do not see them : I'm not, and almost never have been, interested in power ; and I do not want your money. Do you still see some good reasons not to be honest ?  
Here are a few lines about my "philosophy" of life :       
As a sane individual :
I like to have pleasure,
And I hate suffering.
I do not see why others won't !
(you're among my "others").
Highest in my esteem,
The best pleasures should be shared,
Therefore with you,
And they're only a few !
I may even say,
That a part of my pleasure,
Depends on yours !
Hence, it becomes clear why,
It's my pleasure to give you some pleasure !
Still I may not be the right person,
The one who knows how to please you.
Nevertheless, I know,
At least I hope that,
My pleasure does not make you suffer !
That's what I call "oriental hedonism". I will develop this concept on Persian and French trees.
As you can judge by the poem at the top of this page,
my favourite expressions are somehow "related"  to this philosophy.
Do you know that Walt Whitman likes me !
And following my favourite French expression : "joindre l'utile à l'agréable",
I hope that the humoristic part, in addition of making you laugh, or at least smile,
"giggle your mind for a while".
There is no such a thing as a "good" or a "bad" culture.
Every culture has good and bad parts.
Still what you call "good",
May be judged as being "bad" by me, and vice versa.