Last update : 04 mai 2003

the execution of Tomothy McVeigh : live on TV ?


Plantu's Cartoon  in "Le Monde" 12 June 2001


Of course the execution of Tomothy McVeigh should have been covered live by TV channels. (I do not care about him, he was going to die anyway), but think about us and our wasted pleasure !

It's a shame for the greatest country ever existed to deprive people from one of their most elementary and basically freedoms, seeing a human slaughter in direct, that gives a LIVE KILLING (what a fantastic title for a prime time TV show !).
Even worse : they have not recorded it. So there's no hope to be able to enjoy such a tremendous show in future (imagine the price of a pirate cassette).

Hopefully, there are many others in the queue. So I hope that you consider this point of view for the future !

In such a free (!) country, where everybody is free to bear a gun (the better ones may bear a machine gun !), and the poor ones are completely free to die whenever they want, (but of course not wherever they want, still they have a large choice : for example at a corner of a street), why should we prevent people to enjoy their freedom of voyeurism and sadism (poor Marquis de Sade).

The public hangings in Iran, and elsewhere, are not FUN : nothing spectacular to see, no blood, hardly any  reaction. So no erection for us !!

Better is the stoning, but they do not let everybody assist, maybe because some may have orgasms in public ! You know it should be so cute to see someone dying SLOWLY. We promise to value every moment of it !

So let's also sign up for a "public stoning". That would surely be a fantastic CLIMAX. Instead of going to Vegas, we're ready to pay for a "Stoning Tour". We pay to see it LIVE. And the ones who have paid the price, very expensive of course, can take part actively. Can you imagine ? I mean personally. WOW!!

Replacing a boxing ring with a "stoning hole" (no need for rings) in the middle of a stadium, only the "acting spectators (on the first front rows) can come along with their stones, chosen with delicacy !

People will assist happily in such a show, eating their pop corns (I mean those who can not afford the first rate tickets, otherwise they have better things to DO during the show !), all singing a song called "your suffering is my pleasure" !

So all the hopes, to see that someday everybody would be FREE to kill anybody he wants, have not vanished yet !

Some (foolish humanists) may have objections, saying that it has already been like this a long long time ago. They are, as usual, wrong : Now, thanks to our modern technology and satellites, all over the world, WE can watch it, LIVE and REEL !

So, make us come by giving us some fresh blood and bones. While you're going to organise this, you  may show us a nice burning brain on an electrical chair, that will shorten our long waiting hours !

It's such a long time we've forgotten how to come in another manner !

Our noble cause will not progress, unless these so-called humanitarian organisations stop their subversive propaganda. So please send your vehement objections to the following :